Anxiolytic and s Anxiolytic and sedative effects of a combined extract of edative effects of a combined extract of Passiflora alata Dryander and Valeriana officinalis L. in rats L. in rats in rats

This work investigated the effects of a combined extract of Passiflora alata Dryander and Valeriana officinalis L. (EPV) in rats under going elevated plus maze (EPM) and open-field test (OFT). No effects were detected after acute or repeated (3 or 7-days) treatment with EPV (5, 10 or 20 mg/kg, by gavage), on the EPM or the OFT. However, rats treated for 15 day (20 mg/kg) with EPV showed increased percentage of entries and time spent in the open arms on the EPM without alter locomotor activity in the OFT compared to control group. Acute or a 15 day administration of diazepam (2 mg/kg, i.p.), increased the same parameters on the EPM and OFT. Acute treatment with 300 or 600 mg/kg of EPV, decreased the locomotor activity in the OFT. Results suggest anxiolytic and sedative effects for the EPV and reveal a wide dose range for the anxiolytic effect.