K2 OsteoCare acute contains important nutrients for cartilage and bones. Vitamin K2 and vitamin D as well as calcium / magnesium and zinc are crucial for maintaining normal bones. Vitamin D contributes to the regular absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus as well as to a normal calcium level in the blood. Among other things, vitamin C causes normal collagen formation and the function of cartilage and bones. Calcium and magnesium are required for the maintenance of normal bones and is one of the most important basic building blocks. Vitamin C and zinc help protect the cells from oxidative stress.
D-glucosamine is an amino sugar that occurs in the body in the form of glycosaminoglycans, ie long chains of disaccharides. Glycosaminoglycans, which also include chondroitin sulfate, are the body’s own components of the cartilage matrix.

Osteoporose / Arthrose – Vitamin K2 – The role of vitamin K2 in bone and joint health

  • The perfect micronutrient complex for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia. In addition, help with joint and back pain.
  • Supports healthy bones and joints
  • Supports energy production in the mitochondria
  • Supports muscle building, collagen formation and the immune system
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Supports synovial fluid synthesis
  • Calcium activated from vitamin K2 transports calcium from the blood into the bones and joints. Activated matrix GLA protein works decalcifying on soft tissues and tissues while keeping calcium phosphate.
  • Crystals small and in solution. Dissolved calcium can then be activated
  • Osteocalcin transported into the bone matrix and becomes mineralized.  At the same time, the formation of so-called collagen fibrils is promoted.

Bone health Prevent bone loss
Our bone tissue has been under renovation for life. Bone-degrading and bone-building cells lead to a constant new formation and reshaping of the bone mass, also called remodeling. In older age, cell degradation predominates via osteoclasts and leads to a decrease in the bone matrix or bone density. The bones become porous and lose stability and elasticity. But don’t just look at the development of your bone density. It was shown that in the case of a vitamin K2 deficiency, the three-dimensional structure of the bone in particular is less well networked.

Patented, microencapsulated vitamin K2

  • Contains all recommended bone nutrients in optimal concentration
  • With coenzyme Q10 and MSM
  • Vitamin D3 as a “door opener” for incorporation into the bone matrix
  • Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium citrate, glucosamine and chondroitin

Contains: 30 sticks per pack.!

Food supplement with microencapsulated, patented vitamin K2, vitamin D3, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc, which help to maintain normal bones. This product is complemented by other micronutrients such as MSM, coenzyme Q10, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Made in Germany in pharmaceutical quality!

Weight 300 g
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