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The revolution of microbiota- the intestine is a key factor for our health, our morale and also our weight! The bacteria that form the microbiota are not only involved in digestion but also in the proper functioning of the immune system, neurotransmitter production, appetite regulation and many other mechanisms. Today’s lifestyle, however, is often unbalanced by overly elaborate and undiversified diets, stress, antibiotics, pollution, and so on. Result: 80% of pathologies have a digestive origin.


The intestinal revolution

GniomCheck is an RNA16S genetic test that allows to establish on a tiny stool sample, the complete mapping of the microbiota. Each individual is a carrier of an important microbial flora, composed of bacteria, but also of viruses,
yeasts and fungi, with which we live in perfect harmony.

Bacterial diversity guarantees symbiotic relationships with a the populations present and also pathogenic microorganisms to be kept at a safe distance. With the analysis of the intestinal microbiota, a «revolution» is underway in the fields of preventive nutrition and good health.

WHY GniomCheck ?

From now, get information and concrete recommendations on:

✓ The diversity of intestinal bacteria

✓ Intestinal permeability

✓ The presence of dysbiosis

✓ The propensity to develop intolerances

✓ Identification of intestinal inflammation

✓ The Immune System

✓ The tendency to gain weight

✓ The type of microbiota

✓ Vitamin synthesis

✓ Constipation problem

✓ Disturbed sleep

✓ Emotional balance

Simple, easy and discreet GniomCheck in 3 steps


SampleKit activation, sample
collection and questionnaire


Your sample must be handed
over to a collect center and
returned to
our laboratory for analysis.


Results & Advice
Transmission of results and
recommendations directly to your
personal practioner.

How does the analysis work?

High throughput sequencing
Upon receipt of the sample at the laboratory, biological
DNA is extracted from the stool sample and converted to
digital DNA using the state of the art biotechnological
process of «high throughput sequencing». Our laboratory
considers only the DNA of the bacteria and not the DNA of
the organism.

Analysis Pipeline
The quality of the DNA sequences is checked in our
proprietary software pipeline and then the sequences are
compared to all known microbial genomes to determine
the type of microbiota.



Type of microbiota
The profile is then studied by comparison with an
exclusive knowledge base in order to determine the most
diverse physiological properties, in particular concerning
digestion, the tendency to gain weight, food
intolerances, vitamin synthesis, etc.

The benefits of a healthy microbiota.

Influence on the weight & calorie management

Tendency to gain / lose weight

Appetite regulation

Nutritive Elements

Digestive efficiency

Vitamin synthesis

Diversity of intestinal bacteria

Intestinal permeability

Willingness to develop intolerances

Allergy tendency



Gut / Microbiota & Organism Correlation

Type of Microbiota

Immune Status

Presence of dysbiosis

Improvement in Digestive Comfort

Bloating & intestinal transit

Mood & Cycles Regulation

Emotional balance

Sleep Disruption

Reference values that correspond to your patients.

Because we are all unique, the GniomCheck analysis is not a rate analysis using
universal reference values that is simply based on groups of vegetarians and
omnivores or 18 year old and 80 year old.

The GniomCheck analysis is much deeper, more detailed and precise, the profile is compared to a sub group that must be healthy and that corresponds to the sampled person. The GniomCheck report provides much more precise indications according to each profile.

A scientifically proven interpretation.
Our scientists have a database of more than 6,000 scientific studies conducted
worldwide on intestinal flora, which is constantly growing. The interpretation of the profile is based on this scientifically founded knowledge and on automatic learning algorithms.


A Report completely personal.
The results of the microbiota analysis are integrated into a platform, connected to a personal and secure access via internet. Our algorithm calculates on the basis of information: the type of microbiota, personal data, food preferences, etc…
Then the profile is studied by comparison with a database in order to determine the most diverse physiological properties, including digestion, vitamin synthesis, food intolerances, weight and calorie assimilation.

3 readings levels, for a better understanding of your intestinal microbiota :

It is essential to have a synthesis of the general state of your intestinal

Zoom allows you to understand how your intestinal microbiota
influences your comfort of life

Expertise allows to deepen the general state of the microbiota (This
level is re served to Drs & health professionals and these data are only
transmitted on request of your doctor and/or therapist).

Personalized recommendations include nutrition tips and lifestyle
advice, as well as the taking of personalized food supplements and
probiotics adapted to the type of your microbiota. For a better result,
we advise you to start by cleansing your body and then start taking
food supplements based on bacterial strains.

An appropriate solution to your
needs : Personalized probiotics.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, it is possible
to regenerate and maintain the intestinal flora by introducing live
bacteria cultures.

We have developed a range of specific high quality food
supplements containing billions of bacteria, carefully prepared
and mixed by our scientists on the basis of the latest scientific

The high quality bacterial cultures are produced under the highest
quality conditions in France. These supplements are recommended
on the basis of the analysis of the intestinal flora of the
GniomCheck test GniomCheck. There are now 5 references, as
each bacterial strain has its own effect of our microbiota and each
one is adapted to a specific type of microbiota.

These personalised supplements, which are unique in the world, bear the following names:


P1 is a rigorous composition of 18 bacterial strains and fennel that promotes digestion.

Sentosa Natural Health Centre - p1 1

P2 is formulated from a mixture of 15 cultures of bacterial species selected for their beneficial effect in the defense of the intestinal flora in association with purple echinacea, known to help the body’s defense system function.

Sentosa Natural Health Centre - p2 1

P3 consists of 3 strains of bacteria carefully selected for their proven effects in scientific studies plus a turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids and 70% curcumin.

Sentosa Natural Health Centre - p3 1

P4 is a dietary supplement based on 6 lactic acid bacteria known to absorb fewer calories from food and an ideal wakame extract to help in weight control.

Sentosa Natural Health Centre - p4 1

P5 is a synergy of 7 bacterial strains
useful for a good balance of the
intestinal flora and two plant extracts
used to promote digestion (chicory
and turmeric).

Sentosa Natural Health Centre - p5 1