Everything you need to know about our Platinum Mat: Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro

What is Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Therapy?

The Platinum Mat is one of the most advanced gemstone heat therapy mats on the market, offering the latest technology, which includes all the following therapeutic components:

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • Negative Ion Therapy
  • Photon Light Therapy
  • Far-Infrared Therapy
  • Hot Stone Therapy

What are the overall benefits of Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Therapy?

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Reduces pain levels & improves pain management
  • Improves joint flexibility & circulation
  • Helps to recover from daily tension & stress faster
  • Rejuvenates cells more intensely
  • Induces calming & relaxation
  • Improves mood levels
  • Generates overall improved wellnessSentosa Natural Health Centre - pic2

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The PEMF system is designed to simulate the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field, which is delivered directly to the body. PEMF therapy is the process of supplying the body with much-needed magnetic fields, bypassing the electrical pollution that affects our bodies on a daily basis. By default, PEMF is emitted at the Earth’s natural 7.83 Hz frequency in a pulsed sinusoidal waveform, which is the most consistent with the biorhythms of the human body. This overall process of PEMF therapy is designed to counteract harmful exposure to electromagnetic smog and radiation.

The Platinum Mat is constructed with bamboo carbon fiber cotton which adds an additional layer of protection. It also has double insulated wiring as well as a EMF-filtering copper mesh layer for advanced EMF shielding. The Platinum Mat is also made with grounding for additional EMF protection.

Negative Ion Therapy

Negative Ions are naturally emitted from gemstones. Once the Platinum Mat is turned on, the negative ion output significantly increase. The higher the temperature I set, the greater the level of negative ions you will receive. The output of negative ions varies from 300 to 3000 per cubic centimetre, depending on the type of gemstone and temperature. The Platinum Mat includes natural amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, quarts, and jade gemstones.

Health Benefits:

  • Acts as a natural purifier by clearing your surroundings of harmful agents
  • Counteracts positive ion disturbances
  • Attracts harmful airborne particles & pulls them to the ground
  • Promotes detoxification and helps to expel excess waste from the body
  • Improves mood and increase oxygen flow to the brain
  • Helps to cleanse the mind & improve quality of wellness
  • Through the inclusion of Tourmaline, helps to release the largest quantity of negative ions

Photon Light Therapy

The photon lights in the Platinum Mat use red lights at a wavelength of 660 nanometres, that reaches just below the surface of the skin, penetrating the skin on a cellular level.

Health Benefits:

  • Encourages skin rejuvenation
  • Helps to encourage the production of proteins & collagen
  • Helps manage energy levels, and reduce fatigue
  • Helps with overall levels of wellness

Far-Infrared Therapy

Advanced heating systems and natural gemstones deliver far-infrared rays deep into the body Far-infrared rays penetrate deep into the body, promoting relief stiffness, joint pain, and elevating muscle relaxation. The higher the temperature, the greater the level of far-infrared rays. Even organic heat from your body activates the gemstones to deliver far-infrared benefits, but at a lower level.

Health Benefits:

  • Rays penetrate 4-6 inches into the body’s tissues
  • Helps to alleviate and decrease pain, inflammation & stiffness
  • Promotes relief from joint pain & elevates muscle relaxation
  • Increases local circulation

Hot Stone Therapy

The Platinum Mat has a variety of natural gemstones, including amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, quartz, and jade gemstones, designed to create a natural healing experience. These gemstones release far-infrared rays and negative ions when heated. They can also impact pressure points to release tension in the body. Not only can they help improve physical discomfort, but also achieve the common goal of improved health.

Health Benefits:

  • Heated gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions
  • Scientifically linked to lower levels of stress and anxiety
  • Make the body more receptive to massage therapy and chiropractic work
  • Stimulates the body’s pressure points which helps to relieve tension