What is Ionic Foot Detoxification?

The ionic foot machine is a modern day energy device that safely and effectively helps balance the body’s natural energy system. More specifically, it also works in essence by introducing a high level of negative ions into water of a foot bath/soak, the feet, utilizing principles of reflexology and the science of ionization and osmosis, create a positive cellular environment and enable the body’s natural detoxification abilities and processes to function at their maximum.

Ionic Foot Cleansing is an amazing and relaxing method to remove toxins, heavy metals, nicotine, chemical toxins and other impurities from the entire body through the soles of your feet. Feet are placed in a foot bath with warm water, through which an ionic current is placed, and through the thousands of pores on the soles of the feet, the cells start to remove their toxins. Foot detoxification provides visible and immediate results! As your toxins start to react with the ions in the water, the water starts to change colour and even releasing odours.


How does Ionic Foot Detoxification work?

The stream of positive and negative ions which run through the water, attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles and begins to draw them out of the body through the skin. Negative ions attract toxins and positively charged ions assist the body’s natural detoxification process and help the body to detox more efficiently. Each session lasts 30 mins and uses a combination of positive AND negative ion.

During Foot Detoxification, you may witness some of the following:

  • When the water turns yellow, it’s a sign that the liver is toxic and most of the cleansing of the ionic foot detox bath session was focused on the liver.
  • When the water turns yellow-greenish, it’s a sign of detoxification from the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, and female uterus/male prostate area.
  • When the water turns orange (light or dark orange), it’s a sign that the ionic foot detox bath session was primarily focused on the joints and the joints were detoxified.
  • When the water turns red, it’s a sign that the ionic foot detox bath session was primarily focused on cleansing the joints and reproductive chamber of both males and females (the same as the orange colour).
  • When the colour of the water turns brown, it denotes detoxifying from the liver, detoxing the liver of tobacco and/or cellular debris.
  • When the water turns black, it’s a sign that the ionic foot detox bath session primarily concentrated on pulling toxins from the body – the tissues, from the entire body but especially from the liver.
  • When the water turns green (or dark green), it’s a sign that the ionic foot detox bath session primarily concentrated on pulling toxins from the gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas, and also the liver.
  • When you see thick patches of white foam floating on top of the water, this denotes detoxing from the lymphatic system.
  • When you see thick, white-coloured cheese-like particles floating in the water, this denotes yeast (candida).
  • When you see thick, yellow patches floating on the water, this denotes mucus.
  • Black flecks in the water of an ionic foot detoxing session denote heavy metals.
  • Red flecks in the water of an ionic foot detoxing session denote blood clot material.
  • When you see bubbles forming (especially when the water is dark orange, dark red, and/or black), it’s a sign of extreme acidity. Your body is too acidic.

When you’re dealing with energy, as the ionic foot detox bath does deal with, the cleansing effect is not just physical but also emotional and etheric. You are positively addressing toxicity on all levels of your existence. The water of an ionic foot detox session smells like rust not only because of the effect of metal array being in water, but because metals (toxins) are being released from the body.


What are the benefits of Ionic Foot Cleansing?

There are many benefits of foot detoxification and for many results are apparent following the first session. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased energy levels, both physical and mental
  • Releases trapped toxins such as, chemical radiation, pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and long term medication use
  • Aids cleansing of yeasts, such as candida and other fungi
  • Promotes organ detoxification, especially lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys, blood, lymph and skin
  • Boosts metabolism and reduces water retention
  • Enhances immunity and improves inflammation
  • Improves pain relief including headache, migraine, gout and arthritic, joint and muscular pain
  • Purifies the blood, reduces calcification and helps for memory loss, concentration and arteriosclerosis
  • Improves overall leg heaviness from blocked kidneys, bladder irritation, varicose and thread veins and blocked lymphatics
  • Balances pH, reducing the body’s acidity
  • Allergies including skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin

Results for most can be felt straight after treatment; improved energy, mental alertness, reduced pain and a general feeling of well-being.

How many sessions will I need?

Acute cases will need from 3-6 sessions.

To have effective results in chronic situations more sessions will be needed.